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Marytina Lawrence looks at the future of their cattle business and is inspired and encouraged by the enthusiasm with which her children approach the future. (Erin Brown/Grand Vale Creative)

Increase a farm's legacy and hold on to the tradition

It is really hard to describe what it is like to live and work on a family farm. It was not something I was familiar with prior to marrying my husband and something that has required varied levels of adjustment and patience over the 23 years I have been a Lawrence. My husband works every day with his mom, dad and brother. He is the third generation on his family farm and our children are the fourth.

When you work with your family, life can be total bliss. And there are times when it can be a challenge. I would never wish for any other way to live, mind you, as I believe the positives far outweigh the negatives. However, we are all human, all intelligent and determined, and there are times when that can prove to present interesting challenges. My husband said to me once many years ago that his dedication to the farm and the family is about the legacy he wishes to leave his children.

The Lawrence family has been raising Hereford cattle for more than 60 years. Does anyone do anything for that long a period of time anymore? It is a true legacy when you think about the generational impact that has on us as a family and on the people we serve through farming.

When I first became a Lawrence, I didn't quite understand the significance of that. It took me a while to appreciate the complexity and tradition of what it means to be committed to something for that long with the sole intent of maintaining that legacy for years to come. There is commitment of grand proportions wrapped up in the years of hard work through good times and difficult times.

I look at the future of our cattle business and am inspired and encouraged by the enthusiasm with which my children approach the future. I see their desire to take hold of something they will inherit and make it more than it is at this moment, to increase the legacy and hold on to the tradition that makes it what it is today. I am excited for the future because of all the work that was done in the past to give them the opportunity to make something great in their own lifetime.

All this made me ponder the state of our society and the need to always have the next best thing. The hard work and appreciation for the work of the past has brought us to how we live today. I am thankful that my children understand and appreciate what has been laid out for them.

I ask you to consider those traditions in your home and family. How will you have an impact and preserve those traditions for future generations? At Lawrence Herefords, I am confident in the generations to come and thankful for the generations past who have blessed me with the opportunity to live in legacy.