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Is milk offered at your farm group meetings?

A Canadian ag journalist -- who works in the Prairie Provinces, which of course are highly similiar in many ways to the Upper Midwest where I work -- asked me this question a few days ago:

"Do they serve milk at your farm group meetings?"

"Well, it's uncommon," I said. "There's almost always coffee, usually water. Sometimes pop. Maybe lemonade during the summer.  Occasionally,if the meeting starts early in the morning, milk or orange juice will be offered, at least for a while. But like I said, milk is uncommon."

"It's the same for us," the Canadian journalist said. "And I keep wondering why? -- and whether milk should be offered more often?"

Well, he and I are just journalists; we don't have answers to questions like that. But maybe Agweek readers do. 

What do you think? And why?

And do you agree that, "Milk, it does a farm group meeting good." (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

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