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Day in D.C.; Long, busy, good

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Here in Washington, D.C., for the annual convention of the North American Agricultural Journalists. It’s a few hours before midnight, very near the end of an eventful day.

This morning and afternoon, we met with a wide range of top agricultural officials. Lots of good information, much of which I’ll use in future Agweek stories.

This evening, at the National Press Club, we held our annual banquet. I received national writing awards in three categories: series (farmers’ concern over health care insurance); news (preparing to fight the weed Palmer amaranth) and columns (on farmland rental rates, how farmers should treat nonfarmers and whether farmers are sincere about promoting soil health).

Also this evening, I was installed as national president of our organization, which represents U.S. and Canadian ag journalists. I’ll serve for one year through our 2019 annual conference. (For the past year I served as our national vice president.) Ag journalism is important to me, both personally and professionally, and this is a real honor. Agweek is important to me, too, and this individual honor reflects the dedication of our entire staff.

Tomorrow our North American Ag Journalists members meet with Congressional ag leaders.

But right now I’m wrapping up a long, busy and definitely good day.